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The exuberating work culture at Perfect Stayz is one of the best in the industry with immense potential for building a successful professional career. The company believes in providing equal opportunities to all people and community and strictly condemns any discrimination on race, sex, color, religion, age, national origin, or physical disability, nor has it ever participated in any such activities.

Perfect Stayz believes in fostering a professional culture that brings the best out of its people and enhances their key capabilities.

Perfect Stayz fully comprehends the advantages of being home to some of the best minds in the service industry, as it further nurtures them to excel in their personal and professional endeavors. The management completely acknowledges the tech know-how and the past-experiences of its employees for the success of the organization.

The adequate association of a professional's’ life goals with the organization’s vision and values is a deciding factor for working at Perfect Stayz.

Job Opportunities

Perfect Stayz is invites young and dynamic professionals with excellent communication and negotiation skills as well as a persuasive and convincing power to apply for the position. The business development profile includes the sourcing of new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up, outbound cold calls and emails. The tasks also involve the regular maintenance of existing client accounts as well as initiation of generating campaigns for acquiring new clients. Every business executive is expected to perform under immense pressure and demanding situations.

Applicants must have a bachelors as well as an associate degree/program from the field of web design to be eligible for this position. A web designer profile primarily assists with the designing of and creation of websites and associated applications, and works in close collaboration with both the content and web development teams. The job profile includes tasks such as designing webpage layout, determining the technical requirements, updating the websites, maintaining regular backup and also minor code issues. The web designer is expected to perform under pressure and demanding situations.

The role involves for coding, designing and modifying websites, right from layout to the functions, and in accordance with the client's specifications. The web developer profile demands a strong comprehension of User-Interface, general web functions and standards, planning and delivering software platforms, security principles, ecommerce applications, and also cross-browser compatibility. The technical role includes skills such as JQuery, JavaScript, Object-Oriented Design, Multimedia Content Development, HTML, HTML5, API's, Web Services (REST/SOAP), and Web Programming Skills. The web developer is expected to perform under pressure and demanding situations.

The job primarily involves creation and ideation of web optimized content. The profile demands a basic working-knowledge of design fundamentals, a thorough comprehension of the standard writing practices and familiarity with the digital systems for managing content. Applicants with degrees in Journalism, English and any other Mass Com discipline schooling or possess relevant experience are encouraged for sending their resumes. The web content writer is must produce succinct, fact-filled content in an intelligent fashion. The writer must capably communicate and coordinate with clients for content deliverables, follow the editorial guidelines and perform under pressure situations.

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